9 Jul 2007

FHRC says no conflict of interest in military and police roles

3:12 pm on 9 July 2007

The Fiji Human Rights Commission says there is no conflict of interest regarding the appointment of a military captain as the new Police Commissioner.

Captain Esala Teleni was appointed to head the police last month, and has reportedly said he will make changes that will be similar to the way the military executes its duties and roles.

The director of the Human Rights Commission, Shaista Shameem, says under the constitution the three disciplined forces, the police, military and prisons, are related.

She says there has been a historical relationship between the police and the military and there is nothing wrong with Captain Teleni being made Police Commissioner.

"From New Zealand's point of view, maybe in terms of what the laws prevail for your own police force and the military but from Fiji because all three are under the general heading of disciplined services, I don't think the issue of conflict of interest has ever arisen."

Shaista Shameem, the director of the Fiji Human Rights Commission