11 Jul 2007

Solomons PM refuses to meet NGO's on controversial decisions

1:44 pm on 11 July 2007

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has refused to meet civil society groups to discuss controversial government decisions such as the appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney General.

The NGOs are holding a seminar today to discuss the Moti issue, the rearmament programme for police and the appointment of police commissioner, Jahir Khan of Fiji.

But Mr Sogavare says he sees no reason he should attend the seminar as the NGOs had already announced their positions on the issues.

He says the government has the constitutional prerogative to decide on such matters and no amount of consultation with the groups would make that point any more clear.

Mr Sogavare says the government is only answerable to the people of this country and not groups which have become hopeless victims of others' agenda.

He says the NGOs could take court action if they are aggrieved by the actions of the government.