11 Jul 2007

Pacific land studies discussed in Samoa

2:51 pm on 11 July 2007

Samoa is hosting senior officials and academics from the Pacific region to discuss and review common issues in land tenure.

The review is focussed on the outcome of four case studies funded by AUSAid which includes land for public purposes and land dispute settlement in Samoa.

The other two studies focus on absentee land ownership in the Cook Islands, and the ownership and management of land by incorporations and trusts under the Maori Lands Act in New Zealand.

The Australian High Commissioner in Apia, Matt Anderson, says this week's meeting is one of four peer reviews being held in locations across the Pacific.

The High Commissioner says the studies are not designed as policy prescriptions, but to seek ideas and inspiration for solutions that can be developed or adapted to each country.

Representatives from Samoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, Australia and New Zealand are attending the two-day meeting.