13 Jul 2007

Fiji board appointments for state, not for personal gain

6:45 am on 13 July 2007

Fiji's interim minister for public enterprises Poseci Bune, has warned board members of state-owned companies, that they haven't been appointed to their positions for personal gain.

Fiji TV reports that the warning follows revelations that one of the first actions of the newly appointed executive chairperson of Post Fiji Limited, Fani Vosaniveibuli, was to buy an upmarket vehicle costing 42-thousand US dollars for her use.

The report says she signed the purchase order for the vehicle on her own authority.

Mr Bune says he is not satisfied with the explanation given by her and has asked for her resignation.

He says the purchase of the vehicle defeated the purpose of appointing the new board which was to weed out corruption.

Mr Bune says people appointed to government boards should take note that they aren't there to serve their own interests.