13 Jul 2007

Rain worsens plight of Solomons flood victims

3:53 pm on 13 July 2007

Intermittent heavy rain continues to exacerbate severe flooding in North East Guadalcanal of Solomon Islands.

The flooding has again devastated food gardens and inundated villages on North East Guadalcanal, just two weeks after the area experienced one its its worst floods in 20 years.

The Guadalcanal Provincial Disaster Committee says six major rivers in the area have overflowed, with at least 40 villages badly affected.

No casualties have been reported but houses in many river bank villages have either been destroyed or washed away.

The Committee's co-ordinator Marx Lua says RAMSI has assisted his agriculture officer in assessing crop damage from a helicopter.

"His aerial observation suggested that it was about 75 percent of crop gardens were inundated with flood water. Naturally, this is a tropical climate and the rain itself is up there in the middle of the island, and is continuing like: six hours no rain, and then the next six it will be raining."

Marx Lua says the committee is filing an assessment report to update the National Disaster Management Office on ways to immediately attend the flooding.