16 Jul 2007

American Samoa Senate questions fibre optic plan

10:12 am on 16 July 2007

The American Samoa Senate is again asking for more information from Governor Togiola Tulafono concerning the undersea fibre optic project.

One of the concerns Senators have about the project is its impact on the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority.

Senate President Lolo Letalu Moliga is is said to be concerned by the involvement of Blue Sky Communications in negotiations concerning the fiber optic, without ASTCA being in the picture.

Lolo envisions that ASCTA's future will be affected and he feels the Fono must do what it can to protect this important government asset.

He said government funds are being committed for the fiber optic cable without the Fono being made fully aware of what's involved and where negotiations stand.

$3 million is being set aside in the Fiscal Year 2008 Capital Improvement Projects for the cable and the administration is to request additional funding to help finance the project.