24 Jul 2007

Fiji's new solicitor-general says people shy away from positions over travel ban

3:28 pm on 24 July 2007

Fiji's new solicitor-general says people are shying away from taking up important positions in the interim government because of the travel bans imposed by New Zealand.

New Zealand lawyer Christopher Pryde has just been appointed to a five year term as the country's solicitor-general.

He succeeds Nainendra Nand, who was dismissed after 10 years in the job, following the coup by the military.

Mr Pryde says there is a need for Fiji to move forward, and the travel bans on people taking up positions in the interim administration are not helping.

"There are important positions in government and in the civil service that need to be filled and I think that the travel bans are making people in Fiji think twice about taking up those positions and I don't think that's in the best interest of Fiji."

Christopher Pryde says, however, it's not up to him to be working on seeing the travel bans relaxed or ended as that is a matter of government policy.

He says while he's concerned about travel bans, he's not aware of any placed against him.