26 Jul 2007

Fiji Trades Union Congress add their support to the nurses strike

1:37 pm on 26 July 2007

As the nurses strike in Fiji enters its second day, there are reports of widespread disruption to health services including the shutting down of clinics, nurses stations, outpatient services and surgery.

Close to 1,000 nurses have walked off the job and members of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, the FTUC, have been visiting them at their protest posts around the country to show their support.

The nurses are demanding the restoration of their 5% pay cut and other conditions.

The FTUC president, Daniel Urai, says they're supporting the nurses as their issues are genuine and their grievances are long overdue.

"the nurses they have had over the years they have had problems which have not been addressed by government in terms of their conditions, their salary. We hope the government will be able to deal with them and be able to settle the grievances of the nurses. 14 secs."

The president of the FTUC, Daniel Urai.

Meanwhile, a decision from the interim labour minister on whether arbitration will be used as a way out of the strikes is being awaited by both the Nurses Association and the Public Service Commission.