26 Jul 2007

Fiji PM willing to meet Nurses Association

7:54 pm on 26 July 2007

Fiji's interim Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he's willing to meet with the Fiji Nursing Association.

Close to 1,000 nurses have walked off the job and there are reports of widespread disruption to health services including the shutting down of clinics, nurses stations, outpatient services and surgery.

The Fiji Nursing Association's general secretary, Kuini Lutua had earlier called on the inerim-Prime Minister to intervene and settle the strike.

The Fiji Times Online reports that Commodore Bainimarama has asked Ms Lutua for a meeting, and says when she wants to talk with him, he will meet with her.

He says he's disappointed at the loss of service to the people of Fiji but says the timeline to resolve the strike is entirely with the nurses.