31 Jul 2007

Fiji interim cabinet meets amid industrial strife

1:14 pm on 31 July 2007

Fiji's interim Cabinet has been meeting today and it is thought to have been discussing how to resolve the nurses strike and other threatened industrial action.

Outpatient services and many clinics and nursing stations have been closed as the nurses' action moves into its second week.

Emergency services at Fiji's hospitals are operating, but in places such as Lautoka hospital in the Western Division, wards have been merged to reduce the load.

The Division's acting Director, Dr Eloni Tora , says they are relying on student and non-striking nurses to keep services going:

"They've been doing twelve hour shifts, we haven't been able to give them as much rest as they would like so they are definitely feeling the strain, so as the doctors are definitely feeling the strain."

The acting Director of Fiji's Western Health Division, Dr Eloni Tora