3 Aug 2007

Fiji businessman arrested after shooting home invader

9:56 am on 3 August 2007

A Fiji businessman is in police custody after defending his family from a home invasion by a group of men armed with dangerous weapons.

Six villagers armed with cane knives and pinch bars tore down the burglar bars on the windows of 26-year old Satish Chand's home at Kuku near Nausori in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Mr Chand fired a gun at the invaders, killing one man and seriously injuring another who is now in hospital.

When neighbours called police the men, who police confirm were from nearby Kuku village, escaped

While Mr Chand was taken into police custody, his family had to be evacuated from their home for fear of retaliation from angry villagers.

One team of police officers is investigating the shooting while another is looking for the four suspects in the robbery who escaped.

In an editorial today, the Fiji Sun has called for householders to be empowered to fight the horrific home invasions which are becoming common.

It says the law needs to be re-examined so that honest and law abiding people are enabled to defend themselves without running the risk of falling foul of the law.