9 Aug 2007

Fiji's nurses' union denies strike has been vain

8:01 am on 9 August 2007


Fiji's nurses' union denies that its more than two-week long strike has been in vain.

More than 12 hundred nurses are demanding a reversal of a five per cent pay cut.

The general secretary of the Fiji Nurses Association, Kuini Lutua, says as their claim has been ignored the nurses have decided to take legal action against the interim government, and once papers are filed with the High Court, they will go back to work.

She says that could happen within the week.

Mrs Lutua says the nurses are frustrated and angry.

But she insists the industrial action - their longest ever - has been worthwhile.

"Maybe not in the sense that we're getting what we wanted, but it has shown the strength of the Association in carrying us through. It has also, I think, given a wake-up call of the importance of having trade unions independent from political influence.


Kuini Lutua.

The interim administration says it cannot afford to reverse the pay cuts.