9 Aug 2007

Military surveillance of Fiji's deposed prime minister expected when he returns to Suva

3:59 pm on 9 August 2007

There's expected to be military surveillance of Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, when he returns to Suva at the end of this month for the first time since fleeing the city following the coup.

Mr Qarase says his house in Suva has been constantly monitored by the military since then and he anticipates that that will continue when he returns.

The ousted P.M. has been living on his home island of Vanuabalavu but says he needs to be in the capital to prepare for his court case challenging the military overthrow of his government.

Mr Qarase says the interim regime may be concerned about his presence in Suva.

"I think they are concerned that my presence might attract people. Certainly, in our tradition there will be people visiting me and I think they are concerned about that because if not properly controlled, it can get out of hand but I really don't expect our people to be going that far."

Mr Qarase says he won't attend any public meetings but he will be meeting with lawyers and party colleagues as needed.