10 Aug 2007

Fiji interim public service minister says nurses' leaders misled their members

9:57 am on 10 August 2007

Fiji's interim minister for the public service says while the end of the 16-day nurses' strike is a relief, their leaders should be held accountable for grossly misleading their members.

The nurses called off their strike yesterday and will resume work tomorrow.

The minister, Poseci Bune, says the Fiji Nurses Association would have been far better off accepting the offer the interim government made to them.

This included the creation of 60 new junior sister positions which would have meant promotions for nurses and increases in their salaries of between 10 and 12%.

The promotions would have meant the creation of further jobs in the nursing cadre.

Mr Bune says he is sad the nurses were misled.

Meanwhile, all the striking nurses were paid yesterday for the full period they were on strike because the computers were not programmed to deduct their pay.

It was not clear last night if the overpayment would be deducted from future salaries.