13 Aug 2007

Nape reelected as PNG speaker

3:39 pm on 13 August 2007

The new Papua New Guinea parliament has again elected Jeffrey Nape as the speaker in a vote this monring.

The election was held on the first day of the house follwoing last month's election.

In a secret ballot, Mr Nape gained 86 votes to the 22 votes for the alternative nominee, former treasurer Bart Philemon from the opposition benches.

After the speaker's election, parliament was adjourned and Mr Nape was taken to Government House to be sworn in by Governor General Sir Paulias Matane.

The election of the Prime Minister is due to take place this afternoon after Mr Nape's return from Government House.

Sir Michael Somare of the National Alliance is expected to be confirmed for a second consecutive term as prime minister.

When the House was opened 87 members sat on the government side and 21 on the opposition benches, indicating the strength of Sir Michael's coalition.