14 Aug 2007

Solomons provincial members urged to disclose interests

6:13 pm on 14 August 2007

Further action will be taken against members of provincial assemblies in Solomon Islands who do not meet a deadline to disclose their financial interests.

The Solomon Islands' Leadership Code Commission has already imposed penalties on the 38 provincial assembly members who did not fill out forms on their income, their assets, shareholdings and investments.

"The commission's chairman, Emmanuel Kouhota, s ays it's a statutory requirement that leaders file these financial statements to ensure that nothing interferes with their official positions."

Mr Kouhota says he will take further action if the leaders fail to file.

We have given them 21 days to pay those penalties. If they fail to pay, then I'll certainly will take further action and going and charging them with misconduct in office.

Emmanuel Kouhota says MPs in the national parliament have now all filed financial statements although several needed reminding to do so.