15 Aug 2007

Cooks committee to sit soon over road death toll increase

12:58 pm on 15 August 2007

A select committee to consider public concerns over a soaring level of road accidents in the Cook Islands is likely to sit later this week or next.

With an increase in the number of vehicles on the road and seven deaths in the past year, along with dozens of serious injuries, pressure is growing to tighten controls on road users.

The Government has a Transport Amendment bill in the offing but there has been no select committee for agencies such as the road safety council to voice their concerns.

The Transport Minister Tagata Vavia says these meetings have been delayed by events such as the constitutional celebrations.

"The secretary of that committee has been on TV here explaining why the delays are and that they are going to start that committee to sit and look at those amendments. Those are not the only bills they will be looking at actually, but the most concerning one I think in as far as deaths during accidents are concerned."

Tagata Vavia