20 Aug 2007

US Coral Reef Task Force meets in American Samoa

11:05 am on 20 August 2007

American Samoa is hosting the 18th US Coral Reef Task Force meeting this week.

The Task Force aims to lead and strengthening US government actions to preserve and protect coral reef ecosystems.

Up to 180 over seas delegates including White House officials are due to attend the meeting.

The Task Force says protection of coral reefs from the impacts of climate change and population pressure will be a key topics on the agenda.

The Task Force co-chair, Timothy Keeney, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says they will also be looking at how local knowledge can contribute:

"One thing I think it could accomplish is creating a better understanding of how traditional knowledge in management of coral reefs can be a great benefit to not only the local jurisdiction but to others as well."