20 Aug 2007

Domestic air service in Marshall's brought to a halt

11:06 am on 20 August 2007

All domestic air service in the Marshall Islands ground to halt over the weekend.

It came after a mid-flight engine shutdown that forced the only Air Marshall Islands plane to return to Majuro for emergency maintenance.

There were no injuries as a result of the problem on the flight.

The national airline's only other plane, a 34-seat Dash-8, was grounded two weeks ago after a pilot allowed the temperature on one engine to go over the maximum allowed on start-up .

The airline has been forced to send that engine off-island for inspection and overhaul.

Flights have been cancelled for at least 48-hours and possibly longer, depending on maintenance requirements.

The only airline flying to the country now is Continental Micronesia, which services Majuro and Kwajalein by connecting them to Guam

and Honolulu.