20 Aug 2007

NZ Green Party in protest over ANZ link to Malaysian logger

1:11 pm on 20 August 2007

The Green Party in New Zealand has staged a protest outside the ANZ bank in Wellington over the bank's links to the Malaysian logging company, Rimbunan Hijau.

The party's co-leader, Dr Russel Norman, says the demonstration is part of an international campaign to get the ANZ bank and the logging company to act more responsibly.

Rimbunan is one of a number of companies present in both Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands where the logging is reported to be at such an unsustainable rate, that it's estimated the country's forests will be completely wiped out within six years.

Dr Norman says the ANZ is full of talk about being a responsible corporation but its actions speak louder than its words.

"We're calling on them to break their links with Rimbunan that's deeply involved in unsustainable logging and destruction, really, of rainforests throughout south-east Asia and the Pacific. ANZ are the banker and provide financial services to Rimbunan. They also have investments in other banks that are also involved in financing rainforest destruction."

Dr Norman.