21 Aug 2007

A Solomon Islands MP is after unused Chinese land in Honiara

8:06 am on 21 August 2007

A Solomon Islands MP, Nelson Ne'e, is demanding the government take back land leased to Solomon Islands Chinese and not developed.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports the Honiara MP wants the land

re-allocated to indigenous Solomon Islanders.

Mr Ne'e says his constituents want action because they feel most of Honiara's land is in the possession of Asians.

The MP has also urged the Government to give the timing for the rebuilding of Chinatown, which was burnt down in riots in April last year.

Redevelopment has not started because of differences over how Chinatown should be rebuilt.

Mr Ne'e had been charged in connection with the riots, but last month several charges were dropped, but he still faces charges of intimidation and inciting riots.