22 Aug 2007

Nauru government says Forum observers add to election's integrity

2:05 pm on 22 August 2007

Nauru's Foreign Minister, David Adeang, says the Government sought a team of outside observers for this Saturday's election to add to the integrity of the process.

Four observers from the Pacific Islands Forum, led by Makurita Baaro, a former chief government secretary in Kiribati, have begun their work on the island.

Mr Adeang says there has long been very little confidence in governments on Nauru because of a legacy of mismanagement and corruption, which his reformist administration has been working to eliminate.

"There's been a stigma attached to governments and we wanted to ensure that there was a third independent party to sign off on the results of the elections. The last thing we need is to create a feeling of dissatisfaction among the voters post the elections."

The elections for the 18-member parliament were brought forward by several months after the government had failed to push through reforms to the constitution.