24 Aug 2007

American Samoa Congress recesses for one week before budget review

10:14 am on 24 August 2007

Lawmakers in American Samoa are taking a second mid session recess for one week, starting at the close of business on Friday.

The recess will save session days while the Legislature awaits the final budget for fiscal year 2008 from the Togiola Administration.

Senate President Lolo M. Moliga says the budget is expected to be submitted to the Fono next week.

Lolo says the Fono will reconvene on Sept. 4th when each chamber will hold its own budget hearings, instead of the usual joint review.

Senators have called on Lolo to convey to the House the need to hold joint budget hearings to make the process faster as well as making it easier for the many government witnesses that will be called to testify.