27 Aug 2007

Call in American Samoa for cut in greenhouse gas emissions

1:20 pm on 27 August 2007

The US Coral Reef Task Force meeting in American Samoa has called for a concerted effort to reduce green house emissions.

The Task Force also announced a new climate change working group charged with helping local resource managers minimise climate induced stresses such as coral bleaching.

The resolution for the reduction of green house emissions was an initiative of Governor Togiola Tulafono.

The Co-chair of the Task Force, Timothy Keener, welcomed both the action against greenhouse gases and the focus on local management:

"Because I think they are both very well thought out, very important and I think they will be more important in the future in regard to the challenges we face in our local jurisdictions and local governments related to the conservation of coral reefs."

The Co-chair of the US Coral Reef Task Force, Timothy Keener