27 Aug 2007

Vanua'aku Pati looks for unity at national congress

6:55 pm on 27 August 2007

Vanuatu's oldest political party, the Vanua'aku Pati, is discussing the need for unity among its members at its annual national congress in Vila this week.

The VP is due to elect a new executive, as well as approve amendments to the party's constitution and confirm candidates for next year's general election.

With over a thousand people attending, this year's congress is the largest in VP's history.

But in the past year the VP has suffered frequent internal divisions, and sudden changes in political allegiances to the government and then opposition.

The VP secretary general Harry Iako says the members are keen to put the internal problems behind them.

"As (in) all political parties, right across the world, we have internal politics, but at the end of the day national interest is our priority. The Vanuaaku Pati has gone through a lot of obstacles in terms of party leadership struggle, and I think we are old enough... we have learnt a lot from the past."