28 Aug 2007

Failed Fiji 2006 candidate says polls were free and fair

11:35 am on 28 August 2007

A candidate who failed to win his seat in 2006 Fiji general election says excuses and complaints about the poll are simply a case of sour grapes.

Businessman and former Labasa mayor Charan Jeath Singh's comments come as an inquiry team headed by veteran Suva lawyer G P Lala is hearing submissions on the elections.

Mr Singh, who stood for the National Alliance Party, says he did not see anything wrong with the conduct of the elections up to the counting of votes.

The Fiji Sun quotes him as saying he lost as a candidate but would say that the elections were free and fair.

He says the Fiji Labour Party has yet to substantiate its allegations that the election was rigged.

Charan Jeath Singh says the Labour Party has a habit of claiming that elections are free and fair if it wins, but if it loses then the polls are otherwise.

The election inquiry set up by the Fiji Human Rights Commission is hearing submissions around Fiji.