31 Aug 2007

French court rejects appeal by French Polynesia President

9:48 am on 31 August 2007

The French supreme court has dismissed an urgent appeal by the French Polynesian president, Gaston Tong Sang, to declare the assembly sitting earlier this week illegal.

The assembly met after more than 40 of its 57 members called for an extraordinary sitting which comes amid opposition moves to oust him from the presidency through a no-confidence motion lodged last weekend.

Mr Tong Sang argued that the meeting was not called properly but the court in Paris ruled against him.

The assembly is now due to meet tomorrow to debate the motion.

Mr Tong Sang has meanwhile accepted a portfolio redistribution as demanded by his party leader, Gaston Flosse.

But the party has immediately dismissed the offer, and labelled Mr Tong Sang an irresponsible provocateur.