5 Sep 2007

Solomons rejects Australian request to extradite AG Moti

3:33 pm on 5 September 2007

The Solomon Islands Police minister, Isaac Inoke Tosika, has officially rejected a request for the extradition of the Attorney-General, Julian Moti, to Australia.

The Solomon Star newspaper reports that Mr Inoke told his Australian counterpart that it won't be granted.

He says he's of the view that if Mr Moti was extradited to Australia, he would be prejudiced at his trial or punished, detained or restricted in his personal liberty by reason of his race, religion, nationality or political opinion.

Australia asked for Mr Moti's extradition so he could face child sex charges from nearly a decade ago in Vanuatu.

Mr Inoke says the request violates the Solomon Islands' extradition act.

He says he is also relying on his general and overriding discretion to refuse extradition in cases where he considers it appropriate to do so.