6 Sep 2007

Fiji administration denies pension to former prime minister

5:27 am on 6 September 2007

Laisenia Qarase will not receive any of the benefits of former Fiji prime ministers enjoyed by his predecessors.

Fiji TV reports that this means there will be no pension for the deposed prime minister, no personal security, no official transport and no medical treatment at state expense either locally or overseas.

The permanent secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Parmesh Chand, says the interim government has decided that none of the MPs deposed in the military takeover of December last year, including cabinet ministers, will receive their usual benefits.

Mr Chand says the same applies to Mr Qarase.

Until now all former prime ministers, including those who were deposed, have been receiving the benefits laid down in the Parliamentary Emoluments Act.

Mr Qarase has confirmed he has not received any benefits.

He says this is an important issue to him personally and he will take it up in due course.