7 Sep 2007

Work at PNG's Lihir mine resumes

5:02 pm on 7 September 2007

Workers at the giant Lihir gold mine in Papua New Guinea's New Ireland province have gone back to work today after a reconciliation ceremony yesterday.

The workers had gone on strike at the end of last week and stopped production at the mine by using heavy machinery to block access.

The CEO, Arthur Hood, flew in from Brisbane on Tuesday and he has agreed to review some of the workers' demands, particularly those to do with locals being taken into the management structure, as our correspondent Alex Rheeney explains.

"Papua New Guineans who are employed at the mine say they had a meeting with Arthur Hood 18 months ago and he agreed to review the positions with a view to nationalising the positions. That didn't happen and consequently they went on strike but they had a undertaking from him yesterday that he will go ahead with a review with a view to promoting some Papua New Guineans up to those senior positions."