10 Sep 2007

New General Secretary of Pacific Church Conference to push environmental causes

10:24 am on 10 September 2007

The new general secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches, Fe'iloakitau Kaho Tevi, says he intends to place climate change at the top of the PCC agenda

Tevi was elected to the post at the conclusion of the 9th General Assembly of the PCC at the Kanana fou Theological Seminary in American Samoa.

Currently the executive secretary of the World Council of Churches Office

in the Pacific the 37 year old Tevi is the youngest person ever to hold the PCC general secretary position.

Tevi says climate change was especially important and countries should be held accountable for their pollution.

He said the resettlement of peole displaced by climate change should also be

looked at.

Other key issues which he feels Pacific churches should continually address are HIV and AIDS and economic globalization