10 Sep 2007

Marshall Islanders struggle with internet service after spamming attacks

7:41 pm on 10 September 2007

Marshall Islanders continue to experience severe breakdowns in internet service.

Since late last month the internet service of the country's National Telecommunication Authority, or NTA, has been targetted by e-mail spammers.

As a result the Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses on which Marshall Islands' mail server and gateways now reside are being blocked.

Since August 23 virtually all e-mails containing attached documents have been either rejected or have taken days to arrive at their destination.

The Marshalls Chamber of Commerce president Jack Niedenthal said that he has never received so many complaints about the internet system as he has in the past few weeks.

But the NTA's general manager, Tony Muller, says that the service is currently clawing back to full capacity.

The NTA last week began changing its IP address to avoid the spam problem but getting it recognised by internet servers worldwide could take three weeks.