11 Sep 2007

Malaita premier says his province is firmly committed to a united Solomon Islands

6:06 pm on 11 September 2007

The premier of Solomon Islands Malaita province, Richard Na'amo Irosaea, says the province will maintain its firm stand for a united Solomon Islands.

There have periodically been threats from some provinces to breakaway over concerns at the lack of power devolving from Honiara.

Speaking during the Malaita Leaders Peace Summit in Auki, Mr Irosaea says reconciliation is the province's main focus.

He says true reconciliation can only be achieved when all people in the country are proud of being Solomon Islanders and genuinely want it to remain united.

Mr Irosaea says any reconciliation programme has to be based on truth and it is important that Malaita is given the opportunity to reconcile with other provinces.

He says Malaita also wants to ensure good relations with other provinces in regards to employment, internal migration and investment.