12 Sep 2007

Criticism of Cooks hosting 2009 mini games

3:26 pm on 12 September 2007

There is criticism of some of the preparation for the Cook Islands hosting the South Pacifici Mini Games in 2009.

A loan from China for a new stadium has been put on hold amid calls for existing facilities to be refurbished instead.

Cabinet has now ordered a new cost/benefit report and guidance on the best way forward.

But the Chief Executive Officer of the Mini Games, Bim To'u -- who is part of the group preparing the new report -- says the information should have been gather by the Ministry of Finance when it was presented with the Mini Games master plan.

"To do it now is a bit too late, our preparations are already well advanced in terms of planning and developing and getting ready for the 2009 Mini Games and I know about the funding from the Chinese and to go back to the economic cost/benefit analysis now I'll say again it should have been done in 2005 when the Cabinet approved the master plan."

Bim To'u says the group has just a week to provide Cabinet with the new analysis.