19 Sep 2007

Cooks to clarify charges for beach users

2:04 pm on 19 September 2007

The Cook Islands environment service is seeking advice from the Crown Law office over whether a resort can charge people for use of the beachfront.

It says some tourists have been asked to pay a fee of 100 dollars as non-guests to use the Rarotongan Resort's facilities.

The director of the environment service, Vaitota Tupa, says it's the first time he's heard of having to pay for using a beach.

He says he believes all beaches are public land, but says his office will investigate the matter.

He says he has asked the Cook Islands Investment Corporation, which manages crown assets, to also look into it.

"That's a surprise to the tourist. That's why we're also investigating from the environment service, and we want to work closely with the CIIC as I mentioned before, to see what's really happening with the issue of the Rarotongan resort."

The director of the environment service, Vaitota Tupa