20 Sep 2007

Concerns in Vanuatu about new fish processing plant

10:27 am on 20 September 2007

Vanuatu's Hotel and Resort Association says there are too many unanswered questions over a planned fish processing plant in Port Vila.

The Association is one of a number of groups voicing concern over the impact of the plant, saying more consultations should take place before the plant goes ahead.

Earlier this year Vanuatu and China signed an agreement to build the fish factory, which will process fish like tuna and marlin for export to foreign markets.

Clearing of the site for construction of the factory, which is expected to take two years, has already taken place.

The Association's vice-chair, Wendy Stenberg-Tendies, says many locals feel they've been kept in the dark about the project

"As far as we're concernedthere is no environmental study that has been done properly. I think the entire environmental concern is the problem. Will they make sure that nothing gets put into the water? The refuse from the factory - is it going to be taken care of properly? And is there going to be a smell problem into the nearby village?."



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