24 Sep 2007

Fiji's UN talks aimed at broadening alliances, says academic

8:11 pm on 24 September 2007

An academic from the University of the South Pacific says Fiji is trying to expand its international alliances in an effort to get the country back on track.

Fiji's interim prime minister will address the United Nations general assembly and reportedly has organised talks with Cuba, Venezuela, Italy and the Domincan Republic.

Dr Steven Ratuva says Cuba and Venezuela are of particular interest to Fiji.

"Cuba is in terms of developing human resources in health and agriculture as well because sugar is a very important product in Fiji and Cuba's been successful over the years for using home made technology in relation to sugar. Venezuela? I think its in terms of the oil resources that they have. I think there is going to be talk on how Fiji can be a market for their products as well, or perhaps to develop a refinery in Fiji."

Diplomatic mission of the four countries in the region say they are unaware of scheduled meetings with Fiji officials in New York.