25 Sep 2007

Inquiry into Honiara riots to hear from politicians

8:20 pm on 25 September 2007

The Solomon Islands Commission of Inquiry into the 2006 April Honiara riots is expected to hear testimony from politicians over the next few weeks.

The Commission has just released its second interim update report, continues to collect evidence from people and is expected to conclude the inquiry next month.

The latest report details claims that certain politicians planned the riots which destroyed much of the Chinatown area and forced hundreds of Chinese to flee.

The commission, which was chaired by a former PNG judge Brian Brunton, has also found that the Solomons government could be liable for damages of 20 million US dollars over businesses destroyed in the riots.

The secretary to the Commission, Sam Tagana, says that they are now focussing on hearing from politicians.

"So that we get a more balanced view of what the situation is and then of course, naturally, if the Comission finds evidence of involvement by politicians then of course the Commission will report that back in our report to the government."