25 Sep 2007

Taiwan summit might discuss release of fishing vessels

3:24 pm on 25 September 2007

It's hoped the upcoming Taiwan/Pacific Allies summit in the Marshall Islands might provide an opportunity to discuss the release of two new fishing vessels being held in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese government has not issued an export licence as new regulations to preserve fishing stocks would require two older boats to be scrapped before the new ones were released.

The Taiwanese Ambassador to the Marshalls, Bruce Linghu, says the matter is not on the agenda at present, but his government does support island nations in the development of their fisheries:

"We have this consensus to promote and assist their development in fisheries. But however there are international regulations and restrictions and understandings on these kind of things so how to really implement. I think that requires substantive or pragmatic cooperations on this."

The Taiwanese Ambassador to the Marshalls, Bruce Linghu.

The company that ordered the boats, Cruise Fishing, says appeals to the Taiwanese government are continuing.

Discussions are also being held with the Western and Central Fisheries Commission