27 Sep 2007

Many small businesses in Fiji lay off staff and join larger firms

9:02 am on 27 September 2007

Many small businesses in Fjii have had to lay off staff and align themselves with larger firms as a result of the economic downslide.

The Fiji Times says this was discussed at the Fiji Indigenous Council symposium on Fijian Businesses Surviving this Crisis at the Suva Motor Inn yesterday.

One such company is Taina's Travel Service Limited, which since July, has merged with Macquarie Travelworld Services Limited and Discount Flight Centre, which is under C J Patels umbrella.

Taina's Travel managing director, Taina Ravutu, says the merger was done as the business was suffering from the effects of the December 2006 and not performing with a reduction in profits.

Fiji Indigenous Business Council president Ulaiasi Taoi said indigenous businesses were facing a lot of problems to survive and to prevent businesses from collapsing, the council had organised a symposium for Saturday.