27 Sep 2007

Mystery group on Niue being deported

7:45 pm on 27 September 2007

Members of a mysterious group which has occupied rooms at Niue's only hotel for more than a year are being deported.

However, the process is being delayed because the island's only weekly international flight to Auckland is booked out until the 19th October.

The group, which has been linked to a cult that gained notoriety in Samoa several years ago, has run up huge debts all over the island, with businesses believing it would establish health resorts.

The Immigration Minister, Fisa Pihigia, says the Government is not able to help those businesses seeking to have the outstanding debts paid.

"It is getting to the stage where the Government has to make a stand whether to keep them for the sake of them paying their debts, but they have been here over one year, the major part of their debt has not been paid, they make promises so many times but they never live up to it, so to me, it is probably wise to let them go, rather than hold on to them and hoping they will ever pay their bills."

Fisa Pihigia