27 Sep 2007

Latest rumours of no confidence motion in French Polynesia dismissed

7:46 pm on 27 September 2007

French Polynesia's ruling Union For Democracy has issued a statement to say there is no truth in claims that a new no confidence motion is being considered aimed at ousting the government formed last week.

The party was reacting to rumours that three opposition politicians had been approached by the Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, led by Gaston Flosse, to form a new majority.

The Union For Democracy says with the support of the Tahoeraa it enjoys the support of 44 of the assembly's 57 members.

It suggests the rumours are aimed at giving the air of political instability to justify a shortening of the term of the current assembly.

France plans to call fresh general elections in French Polynesia in January under a new electoral system after frequent changes of government in recent years.