27 Sep 2007

RAMSI says survey shows it is doing a good job and gives it areas to work on

7:49 pm on 27 September 2007

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, says an independent survey of the country shows that the people strongly approve of what the mission is doing and want it to continue.

Its People's Survey of just over five thousand has just been released.

It shows Solomon Islanders believe access to social services and economic opportunities have improved but there is still much to be done to build a strong and prosperous country.

The Deputy Special Co-ordinator of RAMSI, Jonathan Austin, says the mission recognises there are challenges and things it could do better.

"RAMSI is very transparent about that. Everything that we do is out there for people to see. All the performance and the assessment of performance is out there for people to see. We do listen to what people have to say. So there are some issues, some areas that both we and the government need to work on together in our partnership, but by and large, people feel that RAMSI is doing a good job."

Jonathan Austin