28 Sep 2007

American Samoa and FAA at odds over air traffic control tower

4:50 pm on 28 September 2007

American Samoa will lose a grant of two million US dollars for the construction of an air traffic control tower at Pago Pago International Airport if the Governor does not sign an agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration by September 30 .

Governor Togiola says he cannot sign because he wants the FAA to fully finance the tower equipment and agree to maintain it.

He also wants the FAA to pay employees to man the control tower.

The FAA's Regional Administrator for the Western Pacific Region, Bill Withycombe, has told the ASG Government that those conditions are not acceptable.

The FAA has given the ASG until the end of the month to sign what is called an Other Transaction Agreement for the construction of a non federal air traffic control tower.

And if by that date, it has not been signed, ASG will lose the two million dollars funding.