1 Oct 2007

Former Fiji VP rejects suggestions the December coup was an Indo-Fijian move

11:13 am on 1 October 2007

Fiji's former vice president says indigenous Fijian perceptions that the military takeover of the Qarase government in December was an Indo-Fijian coup are unfair and unjust.

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi has told the annual general meeting of the Fiji Indigenous Business Council that this perception needs to be revisited.

Ratu Joni says indigenous perceptions of the military takeover as an Indo-Fijian coup have been reinforced by the presence of Mr Chaudhry in cabinet and the appointment of several Indo-Fijians to senior positions in the public service and various boards.

Ratu Joni says these perceptions need to be re-examined because there is no secret plot to oust Fijians from their positions.

The former vice president says the aims of the military coincided with that of various individuals and groups, but it is not fair to hold the whole Indian community accountable for the actions taken by the military.