1 Oct 2007

Cooks helps survival of endangered lorikeet

5:27 pm on 1 October 2007

The Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust says the endangered Rimitara lorikeet that has been resettled in the Cook Islands is flourishing.

The parrot died out in the Cook Islands, but in April a new breeding colony was established on Atiu in the Cook Islands.

The Natural Heritage Trust has imported the 27 of the multi-colored birds from Rimitara in French Polynesia, where they lived on.

The organisation's head, Gerald McCormack, says the birds are well, and the new colony will help them survive.

"It is a further safeguard against the extinction of this bird, within its former natural range. Initially, I do not think it will take it off the red list, it might reduce the level of threat slightly if for example there are a thousand birds on Atiu."

Gerald McCormack says there are no baby parrots yet, but he hopes the birds will start mating soon.