4 Oct 2007

French Polynesian assembly member chides two colleagues over nuclear testing bill

11:36 am on 4 October 2007

A French Polynesian assembly member is disappointed with two French Polynesian general assembly members who don't support a bill that would recognise the effects of nuclear testing.

A ruling UMP MP in France, Yannick Favennec, has proposed a bill in the assembly that would recognise the effects of nuclear testing.

France so far denies any direct links between nuclear testing and illness.

Two French Polynesian representatives in the assembly have not backed Mr Favennec's proposal.

Tea Hirshon of the Union For Democracy says she has written an open letter to the two MPs to voice her disapproval.


It is a letter written to the two deputies that French Polynesia has in the French Parliament, in the French National Assembly, saying to them that I am a bit dissapointed by the fact that they have not signed this proposition of the law that was put in the assembly by two members of ther own party over there.

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Tea Hirshon hopes this will put some pressure on the two MPs.