4 Oct 2007

Samoa court issues interim injunction in Malietoa title dispute

5:05 pm on 4 October 2007

The President of Samoa's Lands and Titles court has issued an interim injunction order against the use of the Malietoa paramount title by Papali'i Fa'amausili Moli.

In the injunction, Tagaloa Tuala Kerslake says the use of the paramount title by the son of the late head of state who was bestowed with the title in June, should be ceased until it is registered legally.

This will prevent Papali'i Fa'amausili using the title in villages, church or elsewhere.

Two other branches of the title have filed petitions in the court to disqualify the son of the late Malietoa Tanumafili II, as the new successor for the title.

They say he cannot take on the title unless all the descendants of Malietoa extended family or aiga potopoto agree to it.

The case is scheduled to be heard in May 2008.