5 Oct 2007

Forged Fiji passport found in Finland

10:58 am on 5 October 2007

A forged Fiji passport has been found in Finland, sparking fears that there could be a racket in the sale of such documents.

Fiji TV reports that Finnish authorities came across a suspicious Fiji passport and referred it to their Fiji counterparts for scrutiny.

The director of immigration, Commander Viliame Naupoto, says cross checking in Fiji showed that the original bearer of the passport was not the same person who showed up in Finland.

Further investigations showed that while the passport was forged n Fiji, it was couriered to Finland through New Zealand.

Commander Naupoto says there is definitely a racket in the sale of Fiji passports because they are easy to forge.

He says such incidents can harm the credibility of Fiji travel documents abroad and there is urgent need to update its security features to prevent unnecessary difficulties for Fijian travelers.