5 Oct 2007

French Socialist Party deplores rush to reform French Polynesia political system

10:57 am on 5 October 2007

France's Socialist Party says there is no urgency in reforming the political system in French Polynesia as today the institutions are working well.

The party's national secretary says there should be more cooperation if the French Polynesian assembly gives a negative response.

The assembly in Tahiti is about to overwhelmingly reject a French government plan to shorten the term of the current assembly and call fresh elections in January under a new electoral system.

More than 80 percent of the assembly members have signalled their opposition to the French plan which the government in Paris wants to pass under urgency by early November as part of a drive to increase political stability in French Polynesia.

The territory was granted greater autonomy in 2004 but has since then seen four no confidence motions succeeed because of shifting allegiances among the assembly members.

The reforms envisage to have two rounds of voting but make no provisions to stop party-hopping.